Examples of Surgery Malpractice in Illinois

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Surgery on wrong body part

A major mistake that can be made during surgery is operation on the wrong body part. For example, a back surgeon may operate on the wrong level. In other instances, the wrong organ is removed or the wrong side of the body is operated on. These are considered classic surgical malpractice cases.


Foreign object left behind

You've probably heard of these stories in the news. After an operation, the patient suffers unusual pain and complications. Doctors then realize that a medical instrument was accidentally left inside the patient's body during surgery. In these cases, negligence can be obvious. However, you also have to prove that you suffered a significant or lasting injury.


Use of unsanitary equipment

This could be the fault of the hospital, surgeon or nurses. If a patient undergoes surgery in unsanitary conditions, the result can be very serious. While some infections are treatable and do not rise to the level of medical malpractice, other infections can be life threatening or cause longterm disability.


Anesthesia errors

An error can be made when anesthesia is given to a patient before or during surgery. The doctor may give the wrong dose, the wrong medication, or a form of anesthesia to which the patient is allergic. Errors also occur when patients aren't monitored properly during surgery. Again, these errors can result in lasting damage or even death.

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