Make Your Bank Accounts Payable at Death

Add your domestic partner to all bank accounts as your payable at death beneficiary. This can be done easily by visiting your bank. At your death, your domestic partner will be the owner of the accounts.


Make Sure Your Partner is Your Beneficiary on Insurance Policies or Retirement Accounts

This will keep these assets out of probate.


Hire an Attorney to Draft Estate Planning Documents

Draft a will, and the following documents: Declaration of Guardianship in Case of Later Incapacity - This document specifies who you wish to care for you in the event that you can no longer take care of yourself. Statutory Durable Power of Attorney - This document becomes effective upon your disability or incapacity. It grants an individual of your choice to step in your shoes and make decisions for you on various matters. Directive to Physician -This document specifies how medical decisions affecting you are to be made if you are unable to make them, or to authorize a specific person to make such decisions for you. Medical Power of Attorney - This document authorizes a person of your choice to make certain medical decisions for you in the event that a physician determines you are unable to make your own health care decisions. This works in conjunction with the Directive to Physician. HIPAA Release