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Estate Planning: Angelina Jolie

Posted by attorney Evan Guthrie

Angelina Jolie disclosed that she had a double mastectomy and that she would have her ovaries removed to help prevent breast and ovarian cancer that she may be genetically predisposed to in April of 2013. Jolie is best known as an academy award winning actress. There are several estate planning lessons that can be learned from her recent surgeries.

The most important lesson in planning an estate that can be taken away from Jolie is the need for prevention in all areas one's life. She publicly disclosed her surgeries in part as an example to other women that may face a similar situation. Another important decision in prevention is making an estate plan in case something were to happen in one's life to make sure all those that are left behind are taken care of. A will or living trust combined with a durable power of attorney and a healthcare power of attorney and living will. Planning an estate and having preventive surgery are two steps that ensure that loved ones will be protected greater.

Another important lesson is the importance of having estate planning documents in place before undergoing any surgery. There are a large number of Americans that die in hospitals each year and it is important to have documents in place before hand. A durable power of attorney and health care power of attorney to make sure that a trusted person can make decisions during surgery, recovery, and any aftermath that may result.

Angelina Jolie also has a complicated family situation that may heighten the need to plan her estate. Jolie has six children that are a combination of adopted and natural children between her and her unmarried partner, fellow actor Brad Pitt. An estate plan including a will can choose a guardian for children in case something were to happen to a parent or both caregivers. A undefined relationship between an unmarried couple can also result in undesired inheritance situations without proper advanced planning. State intestate laws may allow assets to pass between spouses that are married, but may not provide protection in a similar situation between a relationship without marriage absent proper planning with an attorney. It is important to make sure that loved ones and children are protected in the worse case scenario by taking the proper preventative measures.

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