Enforcement of Child Support or Spousal Maintenance - ARFLP 91C (Arizona)

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Your pleading (Petition to Enforce Child Support or Spousal Maintenance)

Set forth amount of the arrearage. For reimbursement of medical or other costs, the court requests the following: 1) a detailed summary of all of the bills, 2) the total amount of the charge, 3) the total paid by insurance, 4) the total paid by you, 5) the percentage that each party is ordered to pay, 6) the remaining unpaid balance. If the other party is behind in child support or spousal maintenance, include an arrearage calculation obtained from the Clearinghouse. A link for the arrearage calculator is provided below. The relief you are asking the court to grant (Order the other person to pay $500 within 30 days or enter judgment in the amount of $500 in favor of me and against the other person.) Tell the court whether the matter is a IV-D (four-dee) matter or not. If you don't know, you most likely are not. Also include the date the prior order was entered and the the name and location of the court that entered the prior order.


Other required pleadings

You will also need a completed Affidavit of Financial Information (AFI), a blank Affidavit of Financial Information (to be served on the other party), and a blank Order to Appear.



Take the following to the filing counter: Filing fee - currently $81 in Maricopa County and the petition (with an additional three copies) and your completed AFI (plus three copies). The clerk will notarize the petition if you haven't already done so.


Deliver to Judge's Inbox

Take the following to the judge's inbox: - Petition (one copy), completed Affidavit of Financial Information (one copy), blank Orders to Appear (three copies), and two self-addressed, stamped envelopes (one addressed to you, one to the other party).


Serve on the other party

Once you have filed everything, serve the Petition, completed AFI, the blank AFI and the blank Order to Appear on the other party.

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