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Bill Powers comments on the issue of "repeat" or "habitual" impaired driving offenders. As one may easily see from the attached video, DWI affects people of every socio-economic status. Doctors, Lawyers & Law Enforcement are subject to the laws of the state.

There were almost 73,000 DWI charges filed in North Carolina in 2009, according to the state Administrative Office of the Courts. That figure appears to be ever increasing, considering the following:

  1. The amount of media attention throughout North Carolina regarding DWI offenses has been nothing less than prolific; and,

  2. Professed "tough new DWI laws" have included substantial modifications to courtroom prosecution(s) and enhanced punishments for Impaired Driving; and,

  3. Despite hightened public awareness (due to saturation of print, television, radio and internet reports) of the dangers of impaired driving, North Carolinians continue to drink and drive to such extent as to be in technical violation of NCGS 20-138.1; and,

  4. Law Enforcement has stepped up efforts to target and therefore arrest substantially more impaired driving offenders.

The increasing number of arrests may seem counter-intuitive, as one might reasonably argue that despite repeated modifications to the laws and punishments associated with Impaired Driving, the arrest rates continue to climb.

DWI arrest figures may be skewed, statistically, due to several competing factors, including but not limited to:

  1. North Carolina's population explosion elevating the overall number of motorists on the road. Even substantial per capita reductions in DWI offenses may be overshadowed by a gross increase of people driving the streets of North Carolina; and,

  2. North Carolina's attention to DWI, through police, Highway Patrol and associated Law Enforcement, may serve to overshadow the benefits of public awareness efforts.

The key is to prosecute and effectively punish offenders, while also ensuring the rights afforded under the Contitutions of both the United States and North Carolina remain secure. Three truths remain: No one wants or likes DWI's. No one wants unfair trials. No one is above the law.

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