Should you participate in the Standardized Field Sobriety Tests?

In Hawaii you are not obligated to participate in these "tests." These "test" are designed to be failed. It is an opportunity for the officer to gather proof/evidence against you. Even if you believe you "passed" these tests, they can be manipulated so that they are used against you.


Should you take the roadside breath tests?

Unless you are sure you have no alcohol in your system, the answer is simply no. This test, although cannot be used against you as evidence in court is just establishing more evidence for the officer to arrest you.


Can I refuse the Breath or blood test at the police station?

You may, however as of January 1, 2011 you may face another criminal charge for the refusal. Moreover if both tests are refused there may be additional administrative penalties that will affect your license.


Can I have an independant test?

You may, however the officer will not inform you of this. You must request on your own.