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DUI Charges Can Change Your Life

Posted by attorney Ross Goodman
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People make mistakes as life goes on, and getting arrested for DUI and spending that lonely night in jail is just the beginning.

DUI is a very serious offense and can be punishable with jail time (laws differ from state to state ref: and a hefty amount in fines. These penalties can have devastating effects on people’s private and professional lives.


Criminal records can change a person’s way of living and can change a life entirely. After getting a DUI record, a person can have a difficult time getting a job that involves travelling or working in the government. Most employers can get a background check done on a prior offender and can pull out criminal records with relative ease. You can also be ordered to go to a Alcohol Rehabilitation class. These classes are mandatory and can be expensive.

In addition to the legal penalties and punishment, there are other consequences a person can go through, like difficulty in renting a car, or finding a new apartment/house.

Changing for the good

People who had their first offense will never want another one, so here are some ways you can avoid getting a second DUI arrest

· Get that drink when you are safe at home.

· Only go to parties if you have a designated driver

· Know more about the BAC level (Blood Alcohol Count) in Las Vegas, NV

· Know that some drinks obviously contain more alcohol than others

· Go for drinks that are diluted and avoid binge drinking

Always remember that drinking and driving is always a bad idea. Not only are you putting your life in danger but also your passengers and other innocent motorists.

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