DUI 10 TEN Day Letter Administrative Hearing Georgia

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Georgia Ten [10] Day Letter For DUI And Administrative Hearing

DS 1205 FORM - GEORGIA ADMINISTRATIVE LICENSE SUSPENSION Georgia 10 Day Rule Letter - Georgia ALS Hearing Request In Georgia, if you refuse to take a breath, blood, or urine test or your BAC is greater than .08 or you are an under 21 driver with a BAC of .02 or greater or a CDL Driver with a BAC of .04 and you do not request an administrative license suspension hearing within the 10 business days, your Georgia drivers' license (or privilege to drive in Georgia if you are licensed by another state) will be suspended for one year with no driving permit privileges. The Georgia 1205 document generally issued by the arresting officer serves as a temporary driver's license for the arrested when signed by the officer and remains valid for date of issuance + 30 days for Georgia licensees. It is generally issued when an individual is charged pursuant to Georgia DUI statutes and was requested to submit to a Georgia state-administered chemical test AND:


10 Day Letter Georgia D.U.I.

The TEN (10) DAY DUI LETTER RULE APPLIES TO YOU IF: * the driver refused [chemical testing] implied consent, OR * chemical tests indicated a BAC of .08 grams or more for a driver 21 years of age or older, OR * chemical tests indicated a BAC of .02 grams or more for a driver under 21 years of age, OR * chemical tests indicated a BAC of .04 grams or more for a driver operating a commercial motor vehicle. Having the the Law Office of Jack I. Klein file a written request for the Georgia 10 day rule letter within the 10-day rule period allows for a stay of the Administrative Suspension until such time as a hearing is held and protects your Georgia Class C driving privileges. If an administrative license suspension hearing is not requested, in writing, within 10 business days of your arrest, then your Georgia driver's license, or your privilege to drive in Georgia will automatically be suspended on the 31st day following your DUI arrest.


Required Fees

A $150.00 fee payable to the Georgia D.D.S. is required for an Administrative Hearing and must accompany the Hearing Request.

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Georgia 10 Day Letter Dui Administrative Hearing Letter

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