DRUNK vs. SUPER DRUNK: Michigan's New DUI Law

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Michigan Fines/Charges For Drunk Driving

o Six points on your Michigan driver's license o 180 driving suspension o Up to 93 days in Jail o Up to $500 fine o Up to 360 Hours of Community Service. Obviously this list is just what you are potentially facing, but there are also other factors to account for including your job status, reputation, family problems, and possible injuries among many other issues.


How "Super Drunk" Law Differs

The newly passed law increases every possible fine/penalty. It adds 87 days to your possible jail time, $200-$700 to your possible fine, doubles your driving suspension, and instead of community service requires a one year alcohol treatment program. And, unlike a tradition OUI charge, a person charged with Super Drunk driving must have an ignition interlock device installed for the entire period of restricted driving. As you can see, the punishment associated with a Michigan Super Drunk conviction is both severe and oppressively expensive. It is far too risky to proceed without competent legal counsel who can not only defend, but advocate for you in court at an affordable rate with payment plan options.


Super Drunk Law Report Card

Is the new Super Drunk law working? Well, reports indicate that about one third of drunk drivers arrested during that March baccanal of a holiday called St. Patrick's Day met the requirement for the new super drunk law. So, apparently, the crack down on DUIs in Michigan is resulting in the desired effect. The next level has got to be a "Super Duper Drunk Law," just waiting in the wings with a BAC of .25% or above. Stay safe and watch your driving out there!

Additional Resources

Motorists who wish to have limited driving privileges following a 45-day license suspension may do so only after a breath alcohol ignition interlock device is installed on their vehicle. An ignition interlock requires a driver to blow into the device and prevents a vehicle from starting if it measures a BAC of .025 or above.

Michigan's Super Drunk Law- SOM Website

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