Driving with a revoked license

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Hi! It's James Cummings with the law firm of Cummings & Cummings, and I want to talk to you today about the charge of driving while license revoked. I get phone calls all the time from my clients who've been charged with driving with a license revoked and they've gotten their license back. Maybe their license was suspended because of an unpaid ticket or something else, but they've gotten their license back and they're going to court because they thought that the assistant district attorney in court was just going to dismiss their ticket. Sadly, they are mistaken. If you've been charged with driving license revoked and even if you've gotten your license back and had it activated by the DMV, that does not mean the state of North Carolina is going to dismiss the charge against you. There are other ways that we need to handle this ticket. Give us a call at Cummings & Cummings today. Now that you've gotten your license back, we want to keep it and not only do we want to keep it but we want to keep you from paying higher insurance premiums. The initial consultation is always free and confidential. We look forward to helping you out with your driving while license revoked charge.

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