Driver's License Suspension for Drugs in Florida

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The 2 year driver's license suspension obviously lasts two years, but you can't get a hardship license. Unfortunately, that will take you 6 months before you even eligible and basically you're going to have to go somewhere similar to DUI school which won't even assist with substance abuse evaluation. You'll have to complete whatever recommended drug treatment they tell you you need. Many people may think “all I do is smoke pot, I don't need any treatment“ .Compared to many other drugs, realistically that maybe true, but the truth is that people that do evaluations are private contractors and they're typically paid less than counterparts in that position.

Say that you really don't need treatment. Odds are, they're going to say that you still need it. Regardless of how you feel morally about the State of Florida's position on marijuana laws, the reality is, you're gonna need a good attorney to help you out -- to make sure that you are not looking at conviction, or 2 year driver's license suspension.

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