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What is a TBI?

We have been doing TBI cases for over 25 years in both the Downriver Area and throughout MIchigan. TBI stands for Traumatic Brain Injury and can be caused in an automobile, truck, motorcycle or pedestrian accident. Some TBI cases involve a loss of consciousness, but this is not always the case. Additionally, a loss of consciousness is often tricky because the injury victim sometimes is unaware that they lost conciousness during the accident. Often the victim senses a loss of some of the events of the accident, but does not attribute that to actually losing consciousness. That is why the injury victim is uncertain after the accident whether or not they lost consciousness. A rapid acceleration and declaration of the brain through impact is also enough under the right conditions to cause a TBI even without a loss of consciousness. There are tests and doctors that can verify whether a TBI occurred in your Motor Vehicle Accident. Call us for a free consultation.


What Do I do about a TBI?

There is treatment for a Traumatic Brain Injury. The Law Offices of Bret A. Schnitzer, P.C. has worked with Neurologists, Neuropsychologists, Family practitioners, Neurosurgeons, Case Managers, Rehabilitation Facilities, in assisting victims of TBI cases for the past 25 years. We know the best doctors out there to help you get the medical treatment you need. Call us for a free consultation. 313-389-2234. You will be glad you did.

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