Don't Wreck Your Injury Claim

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The Lawyer Refers the Client to a Specific Doctor or Chiropractor

This could be the kiss of death to your claim. This type of referral relationship not only creates suspicion, but the necessity of the treatment could be viewed as suspicious too. How believable do you think a doctor's testimony would be if the jury finds out this doctor treated 30 other clients referred to him/her by this same lawyer in the past year?


Hiding Previous Motor Vehicle Accidents From Your Lawyer

The other side will be interested in knowing how many other motor vehicle accidents you have been involved in. In fact they probably already know. If you have been involved in a prior motor vehicle accident, your attorney can determine if this creates a problem in your current claim.

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If you are an Arkansas Motor Vehicle Accident victim, you can read my entire book entitled "Don't Wreck Your Injury Claim" by requesting it for free at: or call my office at 501-798-0004. For all others you can purchase this book from

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