Don't Get too Excited By a Minor Mistake on a Ticket

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Whereas in a a Parking Ticket a mistake in the make, model, yr , or color of the car would negate the whole ticket, this is not so with a Moving Violation. Similarly, the wrong expiration date of your license or registration is also generally considered minor (exc in rare spec cases). Your date of Birth, though relevant to the issue if identity - meaning did you get the ticket - is not always enough of an error to cause the judge to automatically dismiss the ticket. So, what are the main reasons a ticket would be considered facially defective? Date, Time, Place If the officer left out any of the above, yo should generally be in good shape except in the case of a few judges. If for example, the Police Officer wrote you were travelling South but really it was north, and you can PROVE IT , again you are in a good position.


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Because we are dealing with the variable of judge's discretion, it is always best to ask a lawyer who deals with Traffic Violations for their opinion. Generally these are free consultations. He/she can advise you whether you have a good chance of a dismissal and more importantly what evidence you can bring to SUPPORT YOUR CLAIM that there is an error on the ticket. ie Prove through sales receipts you were somewhere else at the time written on the ticket

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