Domestic Violence

No one and I mean no one has the right to hit another. There is no excuse and absolutely no reason that anyone should have to suffer from violence and humiliation. The real question is why battered and abused spouses allow themselves to be placed in a position for abuse? There is no simple answer. However, here is a list of most common reasons. 1. Financial dependence on spouse. 2. Lack of self esteem and depression. 3. The children. 4. No place to go and no support group spouse is aware of. 5. Embarrassment over admitting failure in the marriage.


What to do if you are a victim of domestic violence.

Call your local emergency police number and exit the house to avoid the aggressor, if possible. You can wait for the police in a safe place or go to the local police stattion. If you have been hurt call for medical assitance or go to your local hospital. You have a right to file a complaint under the domestic violence statute, as well as criminal assault charges. This is general information and each situation is different. Use common sense and protect yourself.