"Doctor, Is It Important To Keep Detailed Records?" NY Medical Malpractice Lawyer Explains

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When questioning a medical witness at a deposition, it is important to question the accuracy, thoroughness and details of the doctor's own medical records.

You see, in a medical malpractice lawsuit in NY, we rely on the doctor's own records to prove our case. During questioning, we can often show that the physician's records are not complete, thorough or accurate.

It is highly unusual for a doctor to refuse to admit that keeping his medical records accurate, detailed and thorough are important.

Then, when we read through the doctor's medical records we are often able to point out inconsistencies between what the patient has testified about, complaints they made, symptoms the doctor found and what may or may not have been recorded.

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Gerry's Medical Malpractice YouTube Channel

Gerry's Medical Malpractice YouTube Channel

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