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Divorce Law Tampa Florida Attorney Nilo Sanchez Jr.

Posted by attorney Nilo Sanchez

Mr. Sanchez knows that every family is unique. For over 19 years he has been providing the people of Tampa Florida with informed and compassionate legal representation - the kind that instills confidence, builds trust, and yields success. Mr. Sanchez is able to oversee even the most complex or stressful familial conflicts with clear-headed leadership and sound solutions. A complex divorce is one in which there are many issues to resolve and the Husband and Wife are anything but agreeable. It could involve many real estate properties, tax issues, a privately held corporation or several closely held businesses, marital assets in several states, trust assets, split siblings, assets or businesses that need valuations and supplemental issues including vocational studies, custody battles, off shore bank accounts, etc. Should you need a competent, experienced family law attorney, please call Sanchez & Associates, P.A. at 813-879-4600.

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