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Decriminalization of Suspended Licenses in Florida?

Posted by attorney William Umansky

To avoid having a revoked or suspended license in Florida, motorists need the best traffic violation attorney they can get. This is because suspension of your license could arise from numerous reasons. Traffic offenses are common in Florida, similar to any other state. If you escape having an unpaid ticket, you could lose your car insurance coverage or facing irresponsible driving charges. Such violations could take away your privilege of having a driving license. There are misdemeanor charges and felonies with hefty fines that will require a qualified attorney. When a court in Florida orders the suspension of your license, it means you have failed to respond to a citation, appear in court, or have not paid a fine. There are different kinds of violations, which call for traffic charges. These include speeding, delayed packing ticket meters, failure to use a turn signal and parking in the wrong places. Some offences occur on the road while you are driving and feature drunk driving, not having a seatbelt, and running a red light. If you have a missing license plate, you will face fines of up to $500. A suspended license attorney helps you to understand this new provision. If you are new in Florida, you will need the service in order to avoid having your car impounded. The Florida House Bill 161 has provisions that would decriminalize suspended licenses. Instead of having a license withdrawn, the new law could have your car towed or immobilized. In such a case, you would have to pay $100 as civil penalty if you are a first timer. Second and third offenders face a fine of $500 and $1000 respectively. The fact that private towing and impoundment calls for 20% compensation on penalties means violators would rather get fined cash than lose their licenses. Nobody would wish to have their car sold after 35 days of impoundment hence they would pay up the fine to get back their vehicle. You can avoid having 70% of your car auction proceeds going to state funds. While you can avoid these traffic violations by driving carefully, accidents are inevitable. Knowing as much about the law as possible will provide comprehensive knowledge about traffic laws, insurance and safe driving.

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