Cutting on Points To Cut Your Costs

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The following is a list of offenses you may have been charged with. Each offense is assigned a point value. 12 points will result in a DMV suspension

12 Points ? Vehicular Manslaughter (or negligent homicide) ? Prearranged highway racing or aiding and abetting same ? Hit and Run Driving resulting in bodily injury or death ? Driving While Impaired ? Transporting intoxicants for sale 10 Points ? Highway Racing or aiding and abetting same ? Speeding to Elude Arrest 8 Points ? DWLR or Driving While Vehicle Registration Revoked


The following offense carry 4 points or less. These offense are more common for most clients.

4 Points ? Hit and Run resulting in property damage ? Reckless Driving ? Passing a Stopped School Bus ? Speeding >75 MPH when posted limit is 80 MPH when posted limit is >=70 MPH ? Driving After Consuming 10 MPH over limit and >55 MPH and =55 MPH zone ? Following Too Closely ? Driving on the Wrong Side of the Road 1 Point ? Speeding

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