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Cross-Examination in a Medical Malpractice Case in NY; The Two Most Important Things

Posted by attorney Gerald Oginski

New York Medical Malpractice & Personal Injury Trial Attorney



Cross examination can be thrilling. When you are watching an attorney conduct a cross examination, you feel the tension in the room.

Cross examination takes a lot of preparation and practice.

When you watch TV shows like 'Law and Order' and 'Boston Legal' and 'LA Law', the cross examination is always the culmination and high point of the case.

The reality is that a real-life cross examination will usually not proceed forward the same way that you see on TV or in the movies.

There many reasons for that. The lawyer may not have the experience necessary to conduct an effective cross examination. Another reason may be that the witness is has lots of experience testifying in court and knows how to handle himself during cross-exam.

The two most important strategies to a great cross examination in a medical malpractice case involve extensive preparation and the ability to control the witness who is testifying.

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