Criminal Lawyer in Jackson MS--Overview of Mississippi Misdemeanor Domestic Violence Law

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The Acts That Constitute Domestic Violence

Misdemeanor domestic violence in Mississippi occurs when a person (a) intentionally or recklessly causes injury to the victim, (b) negligently causes injury to the victim using a deadly weapon, or (c) attempts by physical menace to cause the victim to fear imminent bodily harm.


The Victims

In order to qualify as domestic violence under Mississippi law, the above act(s) must be committed against a victim with a certain type of relationship with the accused. These persons include: (a) a current or former spouse; (b) a child of a current or former spouse; (c) a person living as a spouse, or who formerly lived as a spouse with the defendant; (d) a child of one of the persons in #3; (e) any other relative who lives or formerly lived with the defendant; (f) a person who has a current or former dating relationship with the defendant; or (g) a person with whom the defendant has a biological or adopted child. If any one of the acts in the first section is committed against any of the persons listed herein the accused can be convicted of a domestic violence charge in Mississippi.


The Penalty

If convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence, the accused faces a maximum sentence of six (6) months in jail and a $1,000.00 fine. Further, even though this crime is a misdemeanor, the accused will lose his right to possess a firearm.



Mississippi domestic violence charges carry serious consequences, which can have a lifelong impact on a person accused of this crime. However, many defenses are available if you have been arrested for domestic violence. You should consult a Mississippi criminal defense lawyer immediately to protect your rights.

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