Criminal Defense 101: How do I find an attorney to help me with my criminal case?

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Dont talk to ANYONE except your lawyer about your case!

As the famous phrase says, "anything you say, can and will be used against you in a court of law." If you are casually approached by police, YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE TO TALK TO THEM AND WALK AWAY. If you are "stopped" by police, your ONLY legal requirement is to properly identify yourself (tell them your name). You may refuse to give them any other information about yourself, you may refuse to submit to ANY "tests" they ask you to do, and you may also stop talking and/or answering their questions without a lawyer present. This is hard to do and very intimidating when you are stopped and questioned by police. But remember, YOU HAVE RIGHTS! THE U.S. AND OHIO CONSTITUTIONS GUARANTEE THAT YOU ARE "FREE FROM UNREASONABLE SEARCH AND SEIZURE." Only your lawyer cares about your rights. Protect them so your lawyer can do his job..


Ask to contact a lawyer IMMEDIATELY: All questioning MUST stop!

That's right. When you invoke your right to counsel, all questioning by police MUST stop. Failure to do so is a violation of your Constitutional Rights and subject to the "Exclusionary Rule." This means any information and/or evidence the police get from you after you tell them you want to talk to your lawyer first, is inadmissible at trial against you if a charges are filed and your case "goes to court." Do NOT write down "your version" of what happened. That is also a statement. You do not have to do this either, without first consulting your lawyer. BEWARE of physical "tests." They are NOT considered "statements" and are NOT protected by the Constitution. Thus, if you take any "tests" offered by police, they CAN and WILL be used against you to prove you did something WRONG, that you broke the law!!! Police do NOT ask you to take tests to let you go. They do it to gather EVIDENCE against you. DO NOT BE FOOLED. Talk to your lawyer immediately.

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