The police have called you to come down to the office for just a little chat about something, what should you do?

There are three important rules to remember when you are the target of a criminal investigation: 1) Do not talk to the police. 2) Do not talk to the police. 3) Do not talk to the police. There is no reason from a legal standpoint to talk to the police. The police have no authority to give you a better deal or get you lenient treatment. Only the prosecutor or a judge can give you leniency. Many times as criminal defense lawyer I have found that people feel compelled to talk about their case with the police, and that they do a great deal of damage to themselves in the process. Even if a defendant does not confess they may give a statement that does not match the facts of the case or give an alibi that cannot be established. The Defendant then looks like liar and has placed on themselves on the short end of a very long process. The right to remain silent was given to defendants to prevent them for lying about their situation and to balance the great power of the government.


Call Your Lawyer

A criminal defense lawyer has handled the situation you are in hundreds of times, and you have only been questioned by the police once. The best choice is to let experience handle what is an emotional and frightening situation. If you can not afford a lawyer, you can ask for one to be appointed for you. You can expect the police to unhappy about your request because they know their job has just gotten much more difficult, but you must hold your position even under the extreme pressure of questioning.


The Criminal Suspect Lying to the Police

Often times the defendant will have done nothing wrong, but will choose to lie about the situation because they feel they must have done something wrong if the police are talking them. This can be a crime in of itself in the federal system. Martha Stewart was not convicted of insider trading in her case, but of lying to the federal authorities. Never lie to the police it will only create problems as the case unfolds and lying can be a crime itself.