could I get a waiver? Probably NOT if you fall under one of the following:

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Falsely claiming to be a US citizen

if you have falsely claimed to be a US citizen after September 30, 1996 then there is no waiver.


removal order recieved in absentia

if you have recieved a removal order in absentia (while you were not present) then you will not be eligible for a waiver for 5 year from the day you exit the the US...there is no waiver for this.


Seciton 212 (a)(9)(C)

if you unlawfully entered the country and stayed for over a year after April 1, 1997 and then left the US and returned EWI or if you were deported or removed EVER and left the US and then entered the US after april 1, 1997 EWI then you are inadmissible to the US and there is no waiver.



if you were convicted of a drug related crime other than possession of marijuana for less than 30 grams you are inadmissible and w/o waiver; if there is suspicion of drug traffiking; if you were a gang member; if you have previously filed a fraudalent asylum case; prior marriage fraud found by the Service or deported for an aggravated felony.....

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