Construction Site Accidents & Injuries

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Maintaining Safety at Construction Sites

By law, construction companies are required to take reasonable steps to ensure workers are safe. Failure to keep an environment safe can constitute negligence. Construction sites present hazards both for workers and for bystanders and even motorists passing by. Both employees and innocent bystanders and passing motorists injured in construction accidents may be eligible for compensation through a personal injury lawsuit.


Construction Accidents & Third Party Negligence

Even with mandatory safety regulations, jobs in the construction industry are dangerous. Many times, construction workers may be injured due to the negligence of third parties such as the property owner, contractor or the manufacturer of equipment that caused the injury or wrongful death. Defective design or improper maintenance of equipment may contribute to serious injuries. If you have been injured, it's best to speak to an experienced construction accident attorney about determining who is responsible for your injury.


Types of Construction Accidents: Crane Accidents

Dozens of people are injured or killed each year in construction crane accidents. Cranes are inherently dangerous lifting machines, commonly used to move materials in the construction industry. Cranes are estimated to be involved in between 25 to 33% of all fatal construction accidents. Crane accidents can be caused by instability, overloading, overturning, contact with a power line, or being struck by a falling object from a crane.


Types of Construction Accidents: Scaffolding Accidents

Scaffolding is temporary framing used in construction and building remodeling. Construction workers can be injured when they fall off scaffolding or when scaffolding collapses and falls on them. Scaffolding accident injuries may be caused by improper installation, improper use of scaffold, defective materials, or objects falling off of scaffolding. An estimated 50 people die every year in scaffolding collapse accidents.


Construction Accident Litigation

Construction accidents can be complex cases, with multiple liable parties. Victims of serious injuries caused by the negligence of others deserve to be fully compensated. A qualified construction accident attorney can help you determine your legal rights to compensation. By law, if you have been hurt, you have a limited amount of time to file a claim. Contact an attorney in your state to determine your rights to compensation.

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