Why would someone want this program?

Successful completion of the community service and drug education components of this program result in a dismissal of the charges and no conviction or criminal record.


Who is eligible for this program?

Defendants charged with either possession of drugs or drug paraphernalia who have not previously been convicted of possession of drugs or drug paraphernalia. A person may use the program twice, under certain circumstances.


What is someone in the program required to do?

Persons in the program are required to perform at least fourteen days of community service, generally physical labor as ordered by the Court Support Service Division. Persons in the program are also required to complete a court-ordered drug education course.


What does it cost?

There is a $205 participation fee for the Community service Labor Program, though under certain circumstances the court may waive that fee.


How does someone use the program?

After carefully evaluating the case and the person's eligibility, someone who wants the program makes an application to the court using a form available from the clerk. The judge must then make a determination of whether or not to grant a person entry into the program. If the judge does grant the program to someone, that person is then referred to and supervised by the Court Support Services Division, who will place the person into both the community service and drug education components. It is then up to the person to complete both components within the time prescribed by the court. Upon successful completion, that person then applies to the court to have the case dismissed.