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Comprehensive Immigration Reform Will Stop Waste Of Resources, Part One

Posted by attorney Thomas Esparza

Rather Than Hurting American Workers, Immigrants Strengthen Our Economy.

Critics blame immigrants for high unemployment and the struggling economy. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

  • Pitting native-born American workers against immigrant workers creates a race to the bottom that is bad for all workers, and is not a real solution to get the economy back on track. What does the anti-immigrant lobby want? To send an unemployed auto worker from Detroit, someone who has traditionally enjoyed--and desperately wants--a good job with high wages and decent benefits, to California to pick strawberries for less pay, no benefits, and little worker safety? We need an economy that gives workers and families the chance to move up – not down -- the economic ladder.
  • High numbers of immigrants have no relation to high unemployment.Recent immigrants constitute 7.3 percent of the population in New Jersey, but only 0.8 percent of the population in Maine. Yet unemployment rates in both states are almost identical: 8.3 percent in New Jersey and 8.1 percent in Maine.
  • Unemployed middle class native-born American workers are not interchangeable with immigrant workers. The claim that 16 million unemployed American workers would benefit from subtracting8million undocumented workers from thelabor force is false. Politicians who insist that higher wage but unemployed workers should take these lower wage jobs have to answer to the American worker who wants greater opportunity, not less.
  • Mass deportation of 12 million people is impractical, will cost billions of dollars and take years to accomplish, if ever. And it is certainly not the way to get the economy back on track. The vast majority of Americans recognize that mass deportation of 12 million people is just not going to happen. Rooting out millions of hardworking immigrants and families, most of who have lived and worked in America for years overlook thesimple fact that these families already are home.
  • Immigration will strengthen the economy by increasing tax revenues. (
  • Workers with legal status stimulate the economy by spending more. Past studies ( have shown that once workers obtain legal status, they invest in education and banking, have high rates of home ownership and provide long-term economic benefits to their communities.

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