Common Sense Tips On Dealing With Cops

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You have to know that when you get stopped by a police officer or are approached by one, they are in charge of the situation. That is why you should be extra nice and polite in talking with them. Be respectful of the job they are doing in ensuring the safety of the community, and communicate that appreciation to them. Don't be rude and don't start swearing because you will probably end up with your face in the cement.



If you get pulled over, do not get out of the car. Stay in your seat, roll down your window, turn on the interior lights of the car and put your hands on the steering wheel. The officer will approach your car with extreme caution; remember there are crazy and violent people out there that cops are weary of. Don't let a cop mistake you for one of them because you'll end up with 50,000 volts going through your body, or in the hospital or, even worse, the morgue!



Even if you have something to hide, you shouldn't lie, because that in and of itself is a crime. So even if you're not charged with anything else, you could be charged with lying to a police officer. You can respectfully decline to answer, or ask for a lawyer.



The officer is there to do his/her job; to record events as they happened, and to cite/arrest people based on those events. Guilt of a crime is up to a judge/jury to decide. So don't volunteer any extra information to police officers. Remember that everyone has a job; officers are there to put you in jail, lawyers are there to get you out.



If law enforcement shows up to your house, don't let them in. Speak to them from the door, or go outside to talk to them (unless you have contraband in your hand, then you probably want to stay behind the door). Officers don't have the right to come into your house unless they have a warrant to do so. They know that, and you should know that too. Letting them in without a warrant is like opening a can of worms; who knows what, or who, they'll find inside. This also applies to FBI, CIA, NSA or any other acronym you may think of.



Cops have a good way of extracting information from people. They have different approaches from Mr. nice cop, to, your going to jail for the rest of your life, cop. After you have given officers identifying information, you don't have to say another word. If they insist on holding you until you talk to them, tell them you would like to speak to a lawyer. Never talk to cops without a lawyer present. Police can twist facts and blatantly lie to you, all in an effort to extract a confession. Ask For a Lawyer!



There is nothing you can gain out of resisting arrest. You will still end up in cuffs one way or the other. By resisting, you are just adding up the charges against you. Even if the police hit you, do not hit back; let's make sure you get your day in court. Resisting arrest can lead you to getting beaten, tased, or shot. Police are very good with guns, and they are trained to kill, not to shoot you in your knee or leg like the movies. DON'T RESIST!! Your attorney can get everything straightened out later.

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These are very important tips and hopefully, they will protect your life and rights if you follow them. If you think your rights have been violated, feel free to contact our office. (419) 913-1580, or Ammar Alo, Esq. Copyright Alo Legal LLC 2013. Alo Legal LLC. A Toledo law firm dedicated to defending and protecting your rights.

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