Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

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Motorcycle-Car/Truck Accidents

The majority of motorcycle accidents occur because drivers of trucks and cars do not and cannot see the motorcycle or because of driver inattention. Drivers of cars and trucks should be careful in checking all mirrors, blind spots, and surveying the surrounding street traffic when making turns, changing lanes, or entering intersections. Drivers of trucks and cars should also be careful when driving in bad weather conditions, at night, or in heavy traffic conditions.


Quick Stop Accidents

Rear end accidents involving motorcycles can be dangerous and deadly because there is no protective enclosure on a motorcycle. Quick and sudden stops can cause the driver of a motorcycle to be thrown from his motorcycle or cause the motorcycle to flip over. Quick stop accidents can be avoided by keeping safe distances between vehicles and motorcycles.


One Bike Accidents

Because of their design and existence of only two wheels, motorcycles can easily flip over, skid or slid. These types of accidents can be deadly or cause severe personal injuries when there is bad weather, dangerous streets, heavy traffic, inexperienced motorcycle operators, unpaved streets, or construction areas.


Door Accidents

Operators of motorcycles should be careful when driving in parking lots. Most people do not look before they open their car door. To avoid these accidents, motorcycles should be driven at slow speeds in parking lots and people exiting their cars should do so in a slow and safe manner.


Hazardous Roads and Weather

Motorcycle accidents can occur because of bad weather such as rain, snow, sleet and because of bad road conditions such as oil slicks, potholes, and tree limbs.


Aggressive Driving and Road Rage

Motorcycle accidents can occur because of road rage or because car and truck drivers want to intimidate motorcycle drivers.

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