Commercial Debt Collection California

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Draft a Demand Letter

A short formal demand letter drafted by an attorney can be enough to convince debtors to pay. Firms like ours will include a draft complaint to let the debtor know you are serious about suing them if they do not pay.


Call the Debtor

Call centers can call a debtor many times to get the debtor to pony up. Commercial debt is not governed by the FDCPA, so there are not as many regulations governing collection tactics.


Sue the Debtor

If other efforts fail, a lawsuit is the best way to get paid. Unless the debtor spends a lot of money to fight the debt they will need to pay.


Enforce your judgment

Collection firms have multiple ways to turn your judgment into money. By filing a few papers and paying $75, you can send a sheriff to the debtor's business to take the money directly from the debtor's customers.

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