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Columbia Maryland Medical Malpractice Attorney: Diagnosis Mistakes

Posted by attorney Jonathan Portner

The most common type of Howard County, Maryland medical malpractice cases involve diagnosis mistakes. These errors occur when a doctor's treatment falls below a defined standard of care because the doctor negligently fails to make a timely diagnosis, or makes an incorrect diagnosis. The result causes harm to the patient or aggravates a preexisting condition. Victims of Columbia and Ellicott City, Maryland Medical malpractice cases involving diagnosis mistakes are effected in serious ways. Mistakes in diagnosis can result in serious and life-threatening illnesses to patients that could have otherwise been avoided but for a doctor's failure to timely or properly diagnose and treat a patient's condition. When these tragic situations occur, you must contact the experienced Howard County, Maryland Medical Malpractice attorneys at Portner & Shure, P.A.

Common Howard County, Maryland medical malpractice cases involving diagnosis mistakes affecting the Korean community include malpractice in diagnosing and treating a pulmonary embolism, blood clot, stroke, aneurysm, diabetes, cancer, pneumonia, distressed fetus, gall bladder disease, heart condition, internal bleeding, and countless more. Recently, a Maryland, but not Howard County, jury returned a roughly $4 million dollar verdict as the result of a doctor's failure to timely diagnose his patient's cancer. The patient, a 54 year-old Howard County man, died when his doctor failed to timely diagnose him with breast cancer-a form of cancer that is curable when timely discovered and treated. However, the patient did not have a chance to be cured, because the breast cancer was too advanced to effectively treat due to his doctor's late diagnosis. The Catonsville man's Medical Malpractice case was heard by a Jury. During the case Maryland Medical Malpractice attorneys discovered that this doctor was seeing too many patients, and thus was unable to provide quality treatment to each of them. According to some top Columbia, Maryland medical malpractice lawyers, busy doctors often overlook certain cancers, and therefore fail to properly perform necessary tests.

Medical malpractice involving doctors' misdiagnosis of patients' medical conditions result in life changing or life threatening conditions as well. One such recent Maryland medical malpractice victim, a man in good health and with strong family ties, suffered a pulmonary embolism (a blood clot in his lungs) in his hospital bed after doctors failed to properly test for the existence of his condition. The victim showed all of the major signs and risks factors to place him at a high risk of suffering a pulmonary embolism. Yet, the doctors improperly diagnosed him with pneumonia and sent him home. The man later returned to the hospital due to substantial pain, difficulty breathing, and vomiting a tar-like substance. While lying in a hospital bed awaiting treatment, a blood clot logged in the man's lungs and caused him to suffocate to death. A Baltimore, Maryland jury found that the man's death was the result of his doctor's medical malpractice in misdiagnosing and thus failing to properly treat his condition. As a result, the jury awarded his estate and his family over $6 million dollars in the man's Maryland medical malpractice and wrongful death law suit.

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