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Cleveland, Ohio, Medical Malpractice Attorney Pete Weinberger Discusses Medication Errors

Posted by attorney Peter Weinberger

Today, I want to talk to you about medical malpractice, specifically, errors that occur because the wrong medication was given to a patient. The National Academy of Sciences, in a recent publication, estimated that over 100,000 people die every year because of medical malpractice. A large percentage of those patients die or are injured because they're given the wrong medication.

So everybody in a hospital has a right to make sure that they are protected from receiving the wrong medication. Health professionals, therefore, are required to follow five patient rights of medication administration that requires that they identify that the person who's getting the medication is the right patient, that that patient is given the right medication, that they're given the medication in the right dose, and at the right time, and at the right route, whether it's orally or intravenously.

We know that if hospital professionals follow these five patient rights of medication administration, they can create a failsafe system to protect patients from injury. Unfortunately, that does not happen all the time. And so we often see cases of patients who have been injured as a result of medication errors.

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