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Claims for Damages Caused by Animal Attacks in Texas

Posted by attorney Aaron Herbert

It is possible that the most common type of animal bite that is related to a personal injury claim is that of a dog bite Although there are several other domestic animals that have caused for harmful bites, including that of cats, ferrets, birds and horses. There are also wild animals that can cause bites including that of bears, tigers, hawks, etc. Have you been bitten by an domestic animal that has required you to have medical treatment? Has this animal bite prevented you from working for an extended period of time?

Animal bites can be quite brutal, as can the resulting injuries from the attempt of an animal to bite. In some states, the owner of an animal may also be held accountable if their animal attempted to bite a person, and as a result of a scare that very person broke a bone, injured a muscle, etc. First an foremost, a professional personal injury lawyer must be able to prove that the animal does in fact belong, and is owned by the defendant.

Other acts that may results in a personal injury suit may be if an owner of an animal knew that their animal was vicious, but they did nothing to prevent that animal from attacking others. The animal must exhibit some type of uncontrollable behavior and the owner must have acted outside of the guidelines of containing a domestic animal (ie. – fencing, leashing, warning signs, etc.)

A loop hole that occurs with respects to animal bites and personal injury cases is that of trespassing. If an individual trespasses on a person's property and it bit as a result of that action, it is often hard to recover damages. This is especially the case if an individual has warned visitors with signs that their dog exists on property – and not to trespass.

Wild animals, such as bears, tigers, lions, monkeys, etc. can also be the cause of an animal attack/bite. When visiting the zoo, or in the instance that someone owns one of these animals, damages may be recovered in most cases. With respects to wild animals, there are not so many restrictions as to fencing, leashing, etc., because they are identified as animals of the wild. In most of these cases a facility or entity will normally have a case filed against them, as opposed to an individual owner of a domestic animal.

There are a long list of possible damages that can result from either a domestic or wild animal bite. Some of these damages may include but are not limited to:

* Surgery and/or medical costs

* Emotional trauma

* Vehicle damages (blood, etc.)

* Property damage (clothing, jewelry, etc.)

* Loss of wages

Animal bites are serious, and if you have recently been attacked by a domestic or wild animal seek consultation from a personal injury lawyer. These professionals can assist you in filing your claim, simplifying the entire process from beginning to end.

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