Citations and Probation Revocation

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Being charged with a relatively small offense, like a Public Intoxication or other Class C Misdemeanor, can have serious consequences if you are on probation for another offense.

What would ordinarily be an offense punishable by a relatively small fine, a Class C charge while on probation will result in a probation revocation motion, a warrant for your arrest and the possibility of imposing the punishment for the previous offense in full.

Your probation terms include the requirement that you do not commit any offenses. Even a "small" Class C misdemeanor is a violation of your probation. Further, you are required to report any such offenses to your probation officer. Failing to do so is itself a violation of your probation. Finally, your probation likely includes the prohibition of consuming aclohol, so even a technical defense against say, a Public Intoxication (not intoxicated) still puts you in jeopardy if there is evidence you consumed alcohol.

It is critical that you contact a criminal defense attorney if you are charged with any offense while on probation.

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