Trust your gut

Generally, most people forget their most basic instincts while meeting with professionals. If you feel there may be something wrong don't jump to sign agreements, talk to a few other people first


ask about experience

there are many fresh young attorneys coming into the field every year, ask about experience and specifically experience in the field you're looking to hire your attorney for.


chose specialists over generalists

while some situations may be much more complex than others people should always keep in mind that the more complex a situation may be, the more they are likely to need someone more specialized. A client facing prison time should NEVER hire an attorney who has a small percentage of his work in criminal defense, but rather hire someone who specializes in that field.


develop a relationship

some of my best clients have essentially become friends, develop a relationship with your attorney as you would with anyone else... this relationship could, and generally does, lead to a greater more profound understanding of your situation and as a result a better outcome for your case.