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Child visitation procedures for California - Orange County Family Law Attorneys

Posted by attorney Bettina Yanez

** Child visitation procedures for California - Orange County Family Law Attorneys**

While a family law judge in Orange County, California is deciding child visitation orders, many issues will need to be studied. The judge will assess both parents and conclude whether supervised, or unsupervised visitation should be allowed.

The judge will in due course choose what is in the best interest of the child when framing a child visitation plan. If the judge suspects the children’s security is of concern, then Supervised “managed" visitation will be ordered. Supervised visitations will involve that each time the parent visits with the child an additional person will be nearby supervising the visitation.

When preparing child visitation plans it is essential that the orders be detailed. The more detailed the order, the lower the risk that disagreement may arise. In the event disagreement does occur, a detailed order is one that is easier to administer by peace officers if needed. Many families set up child visitation by employing an every other week schedule. Moreover, the visitation order should state the time for the pick-up and drop off, as well as the place.

Sometimes when deciding child visitation is it is probable for the judge to deny visitation to the parties. This happens in severe circumstances where one of the parties could initiate emotional, or physical harm to the child.

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