Child Support in Arizona - Computation of Parenting Time Adjustment

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In Arizona, you will receive credit for how many days you spend with the children. The theory is that, the more time you spend with the children, the more money you will spend on the children and the less the other parent will spend. Below are the annual parenting time adjustments.

Annual Days = Adjustment

0-3 = 0%

4-20 = 1.2%

21-38 = 3.1%

39-57 = 5.0%

58-72 = 8.5%

73-87 = 10.5%

88-115 = 16.1%

116-129 = 19.5%

130-142 = 25.3%

143-152 = 30.7%

153-162 = 36.2%

163-172 = 42.2%

173-182 = 48.6%

More than this and you either have equal parenting time or are the primary residential parent.

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