Child Custody - Are the courts still reluctant to grant sole custody to fathers?

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Q. Are the courts still reluctant to grant sole custody to fathers?

Some New Jersey fathers remain skeptical or apprehensive about attempting to win custody disputes against mothers. Will the court lean in mom's favor?


A. No. Courts are not as reluctant as they once were to grant sole custody to fathers.

In New Jersey, there is a "gender neutrality," with no presumption that either parent is a better custodial parent than the other. This applies regardless of the age of the children. Although the "Tender Years Doctrine" has yet to be written-off in New Jersey, most psychological associations have abandoned it years ago. Single fathers now account for at least one quarter of single parent households, according to a Pew Institute study based on 2011 census data. Interestingly, the study estimated that in 2011, the number of single fathers was already nearly nine times what had been in 1960. Single mother households, by contrast, while still accounting for the majority of single parent households, have only increased by about four times since 1960.

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