Chicago Bankruptcy Attorney - How to Choose One

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Years of Experience!

When looking for a Chicago Bankruptcy Attorney, make sure you look for an attorney with more than a few years of experience. Although some attorneys will make it sound like Bankruptcy is a pretty straight forward process, this could be anything but true. Your situation is unique and you are going to want to hire an attorney that has seen situations like yours before or, if not, is qualified in legal writing and research. You don't want to be the attorneys' first client with your situation. You are paying for legal advice, not for the attorney to learn how to practice bankruptcy law!


Size of the law firm!

If I were a consumer considering bankruptcy, this would be pretty high up on the list. With small businesses being the core of the American Backbone, I'd want to hire a small law firm. Additionally, I wouldn't want to be a number at the law firm. I'd want the firm to know my name and my situation rather than just being "one" of their clients. There are dozens of small law firms in Chicago that focus on Bankruptcy law. Choose a Chicago Bankruptcy attorney that works in a small law firm.


Rank in the Firm!

Is the attorney you are looking at a Partner/Owner of the law firm or are they simply an associate in the firm? Consumers that are looking for a Chicago Bankruptcy Attorney should seek to work with an a Chicago Bankruptcy Attorney that is high up in the firm. There are a lot of Bankruptcy Mills in Chicago that hire tons of associates for almost nothing and then force their clients to speak with those lower level attorneys. If your bankruptcy fees are going to be the same price at two firms wouldn't you rather talk to the owner!?



Most Chicago Bankruptcy Attorneys will likely charge about the same amount for their attorney fees, however, be careful about the attorneys that have REALLY inexpensive fees. Your Legal Rights are way too important to hire a "discount" attorney or law firm. There are plenty of Chicago Bankruptcy Attorneys that are affordable. Saving $50 isn't worth the fear that your Chicago Bankruptcy Attorney isn't going to be able to adequately represent you.


Office Location!!

There are some Chicago Bankruptcy Attorneys that have REALLY nice offices. Keep in mind, if you meet with a Chicago Bankruptcy Attorney that has REALLY nice offices YOU are the one that pays for it. After all, how do you think the attorney affords a really nice office? - Possibly by charging their clients too much.


Consumer Protection!!

Some Chicago Bankruptcy Attorneys only practice Bankruptcy Law. I recommend hiring a Chicago Bankruptcy Attorney that does Bankruptcy AND Consumer Litigation. If Debt Collectors Harass you during your Bankruptcy Case you are going to want to choose a bankruptcy law firm that also sues debt collectors that harass you during your case. If you choose the right Chicago Bankruptcy Law Firm they will represent you against those debt collectors and sue them at no additional cost to you - putting cash in your pocket!

Additional Resources

There are hundreds of Chicago Bankruptcy Attorneys to choose from. I hope that you find this guide useful. Remember this - the best marketed law firms are rarely the best! Feel free to reach out to me if you'd like to put my Chicago Bankrupcy law firm up to the Standard I set out, above.

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