Intellectual Property Issues

1.1 Trademark or Servicemark -Services or products? Will the name help sales? Clearance search done? If not available, check with a TM attorney on options or pick another mark. Register? Where? When? What? How?Start with just common law rights (seldom smart.) 1.2 Tradename - Available? In the state where you will base your operation? 1.3 Domain Name - Use the TM/SM as domain?Availability search done? Register with host? 1.4 Copyright - Of Others - Images used? Stock? Original? Licensed? Registered? DMCA notice, procedure, software Of Yours - Registered? Images? Content? Notices? Copy-Protect? Embedded tracking? 1.5 Patent - Of others - right to use search? License? Of Yours - patentability search, costs to patent, timing (need for speed), choice of attorney


Busines entity

2.1 C corp, S Corp, Non-Profit, LLC or a sole proprietorship? 2.2 State of choice - tax rates, business-friendly?, favorable laws, anonymity rules, costs, benefits, risks


Basic Agreements

3.1 Terms of Service - Do it at the start for big dividends in the future. Don't "borrow" some inapplicable TOS, get an attorney to customize for YOUR site. 3.2 EULA - "browser wrap", "click wrap", "shrink wrap" - which do you need? Again, don't "borrow" one, get one customized for YOU. 3.3 Vendor Agreements - web designer, host, credit, fulfillment, returns, royalties, etc. 3.4 Privacy - Every site needs a privacy policy, especially medical information sites, lead generation sites, investigative sites, etc. 3.5 DMCA policy - Do you need? If you allow third party postings, you need this. 3.6 Employee Agreements? Do you have employees - if yes, you need this. With patent clause?, work for hire clause? secrecy clause? non-compete? State restrictions? - some like Cal. are very restrictive. 3.7 Host? 3.8 Webmaster? 3.9 Graphic designer?



4.1 Quicken software or CPA? 4.2 QuickBooks? 4.3 TurboTax? H&R Block? 4.4 Need a CPA? 4.5 Taxes - Have an EIN? You can get that for free. 4.6 What state fees and filings are needed? 4.7 Backup your accounting.


What Registrar & Host - GoDaddy? Bluehost? JustHost?

5.1. Services offered - JustHost currently sets the standard in value http://web-hosting-review.toptenreviews.com/justhost-review.html, although heavily advertised GoDaddy is currently the most popular http://www.godaddy.com/hosting/web-hosting.aspx?ci=76393 5.2. Price - The prices are so cheap they are almost not an issue. How long are you locked into a set price? Is it just a promo price? Volume discounts? Different prices for different packages so you can fit your needs? 3. Reliability - What is their uptime percentage - should be 99% or more. Linux (most reliable) or Microsoft based servers? 4. Experience - How long have they been around? How many sites do they currently host? What type of tech support - 24/7/365? 5. Read the reviews http://web-hosting-review.toptenreviews.com/index.html



6.1 Will you have one? WordPress? Blogger [Google]? 6.2 What terms? 6.3 Who sets it up? 6.4 Who maintains it? Who updates it? Who monitors it? 6.5 Who can comment on your behalf? 6.6 How often is it checked and by whom? 6.7 Google Ranking/SEO - How & who?


Misc. items

7.1 Insurance - Do you have any? What types do you need? General, specific, cost? 7.2 Records Retention & Backup - What sort do you have? 7.3 What Registrar & Host - GoDaddy? Bluehost? 7.4 Bandwidth - what do you need 7.5 Shopping Cart - which service? will you manage? will you automate it? 7.6 Google Ranking/SEO - How & who? 7.7 Mirror sites - where & what?