Chair collapse injury

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If a hotel's staff and management is not vigilant

If a hotel's staff and management is not wachful and regular in conducting inspections guests will be injured in chair colapses. Guests who sue for personal injury will often win. the outcome of the lawsuit depends on the legal concepts applied by the court, which vary from state to state. The two theories of liability are- negligence based on failure to act with reasonable care, and breach of implied warranty. Cases grounded these theory can be difficult for the hotel to defense. A hotelier's best course is to prevent accidents in the first place by implementing appropriately documented inspection programs.


Chairs may also collapse due to age and lack of proper maintenance and inspection

Chairs may also collapse due to age and lack of proper maintenance . A metallurgy expert reported that chair failures are not the result of one incident or one person or due to excessive weight, but are the culmination of several parts breaking and failing over time. Metal decays, and or decaying wood can cause chairs to become weak . Hotel owners have a duty to make their premises reasonably safe.customers if they know or should know of a hidden hazard or chair defect. Property owners and business owners also have an obligation to regularly inspect and properly repair and maintain chairs intended for the public.


Design Defects

Design defects arise during the way they are conceived before the product is built. In this situation, every product is defective and dangerous. A product has a design defect if a foreseeable risk of harm could have been reduced or eliminated by using another feasible design and the failure to use this alternative design caused the product to be unsafe.


Manufacturing Defect

A manufacturing defect exists if there are mistakes or problems during the production phase of a product. Many of the products which come off the assembly line may be safe, but other products come off the same assembly line with a defect. The manufacturer may be held liable for failing to detect the defect before the product reaches the consumer.


Many chair accidents involve a failure of a structural member of the chair

Many chair accidents involve a failure of a structural member of the chair that causes the chair to collapse, injuring the chair occupant. These types of structural failures are often a design flaw. Sometimes the chair legs are not sized properly, or not braced adequately. The material specified for the chair structure may not be the same material that the chair is constructed out of. Last minute design changes can be made that are not checked, or the production facility may use a material different than what is specified by the designer. The material may also not meet specifications due to a defect in the material.adequately support the chair occupant. This can occur when an engineer designs a chair for the weight of the person, without taking into account dynamic forces Some failures involve the leg of a chair that buckles causing the chair to collapse. These types of failures are often due to design defects where the chair is simply not designed to


The strength of a standard folding chair depends on the bracing mechanism

Folding chairs including theater and stadium seating have moving components and bracing that can be more susceptible to failure than non-folding chairs. The strength of a standard folding chair depends on the bracing mechanism between the folding members. If this is not designed properly, deformation or failure of the brace can occur, resulting in chair failure.

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