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Car Accident Sends 5 to Hospital

Posted by attorney Jeffrey Rasansky

According to reporting in KLTV, 5 people in Tyler have been sent to the hospital following multivehicle accident on Highway 31 East and County Road 24. The accident occurred when cars were lined up waiting to make a left turn onto the county road. A car came up behind them and failed to stop in time. The driver swerved so that they would not rear-end the stopped cars, but ended up causing a head-on collision with an oncoming car.

The driver that swerved into oncoming traffic flipped their car at least one time, according to the report. The oncoming car ended up with the passenger’s side door almost completely torn off of the vehicle.

This type of an accident is not uncommon and, unfortunately, many people end up hospitalized or killed every year because of such accidents.

Watching Out

One of the things that drivers can be reasonably expected to do is to apply brakes in time to avoid an accident. In fact, failing to do so is oftentimes included in the reasons given for filing a lawsuit over a car accident. When drivers fail to do this, it may be for several reasons.

Not keeping a proper lookout is oftentimes cited as a reason that someone was negligent when they’re the defendant in a car crash lawsuit. Other drivers also have a reasonable expectation that a qualified, licensed driver will be aware of their surroundings enough to see trouble when it’s coming down the road and to take actions to avoid causing a crash. When they do not, a jury will sometimes find that the person was negligent, as they failed to adhere to this basic requirement of driving a car safely.

Expertise Not Required

No one is expected to drive like an expert. What’s at issue in lawsuits involving everyday drivers is behaving and reacting like a normal person could be expected to. This means that, when someone is driving too quickly or when they cause an accident due to inattention, their victims may be able to successfully sue for damages.

Texas accident attorneys can take a look at these cases and see if it was likely or not that negligence was a factor in the accident. If negligence was a factor, they can determine how much financial responsibility the person who was negligent has to the people who were hurt and pursue that money in a jury trial or from a settlement.

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