Can a Debt Collector Under the FDCPA.....?

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Under the FDCPA, Can a Debt Collector Call me at Work?

No, Debt Collectors cannot call you at work if your employer prohibits personal calls and the debt collector knows this.


When else is a debt collector unable to call me at work?

A debt collector is unable to call you at work once you tell them to stop calling you there.


Can Debt Collectors Call my Family Member?

No, generally speaking, Debt Collectors cannot call your family members!


Can Debt Collectors Call my family members?

No, generally speaking, Debt Collectors Cannot call your family members.


Can Debt Collectors threaten to contact my family members and tell them I owe a debt?

No, Debt Collectors cannot threaten to take any action that they are unable to do so. Since Debt Collectors are not able to contact your family members and tell them that you owe a debt, they cannot threaten to do so.

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