Is the Board responsive to requests for documentation?

Your contract should provide for your entitlement to the documents that govern the property you are buying: the "decs" or Declaration of Condominium, the Rules, the Bylaws, the minutes and the budget. Those should be provided within 1 - 5 days of your offer. You should also provide in your contract (or in attorney review) that the contract is CONTINGENT ON APPROVAL OF ALL CONDO DOCUMENTS. Make sure you read through the documents. If you are not satisfied with the Rules (e.g. you can only have one pet and you already own two), the way the Board is run (decisions are made in the backyard instead of at real meetings with recorded minutes) consider whether this is really the place for you.


How are common areas addressed?

Are you going to be cleaning the halls and cutting the grass so that dues are kept low? Have the parking spaces or storage spaces been deeded or it is based on how an earlier board divided things up? You need to make sure that you are going to be living the way you prefer to live. If you are buying a condo so that you DON'T have maintenance issues and you are instead going to be expected to maintain the property, this is clearly not a good fit for you.