Bus accidents and collisions

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A city bus, charter or over-the-road bus

Drivers who operate a city bus, charter or over-the-road bus must have a commercial driver's license. Such a driver must pass a road test and passed a medical examination in the past two years. Such a licensed driver must submit to a physical exams every two years. These drivers and their employers have a higher-than-ordinary duty to protect passengers from injury, so even the small negligent conduct can crate liability.


School bus accidents

Fault in an accident involving a school bus is key to a recovery. If the accident investigation determines that the wreck was caused because of a defective design, the manufacturer of the bus could be liable. School districts may become a liable party in school bus accident claims when the school district had knowledge of a faulty bus or if the school was aware of a bus driver's negligent driving record and still allowed them to drive. Often the other driver or the bus driver is at fualt


Bus accidents are more complex than many other motor vehicle collisions

Bus accidents are more complex than many other motor vehicle collisions they involve larger, heavier vehicle, dozens of passengers, and safety features which vary from state to state and bus to bus, accidents involving buses must also deal with the complicated task of assigning and proving liability.


City Buses and Public Transit Systems

Each year, bus passengers, private motor vehicle passengers, and pedestrians are seriously injured or killed in accidents . When a person is injured through the negligent acts of a bus driver or through the bus owner's failure to properly maintain and repair a public bus, the victim may claim damages against the city, governmental entity and/or its driver. However, special laws and regulations may apply. To some degree, the doctrine of sovereign immunity will protect governmental entities and their employee bus drivers from personal injury claims.


Commercial Buses

Private local or national commercial bus companies carry passengers all over. These companies provide services open to the public upon payment of a designated fare. They are considered common carriers. Specific state and federal statutes and regulations control them. Unfortunately, commercial buses are frequently involved in accidents in which members of the public are severely injured through a commercial bus driver's negligence or through failure of the bus owner to properly maintain and/or repair its bus and equipment. Under the law, a common carrier and its drivers must exercise the highest degree of care for the safety of its passengers. This care must be reasonably compatible with the conduct of its business in a convenient and satisfactory manner. Common carriers and their drivers are held to a higher standard of care than vehicle operators who do not carry paying passengers.


Lack of Handling Capabilities in a Bus

Most of us have had to take sudden and evasive action at some point in our lives when behind the wheel of a vehicle. Such reactions are instinctive and done without thinking . The same can be said for anyone driving a public transit bus. When a bus driver needs to make these sudden moves, these large vehicles do not have the engineering to respond to these sudden movements and can lead to failure to avoid the danger and even create additional danger if the bus turns too quickly and winds up on its side.


Who Is Usually Responsible for a Busing Accident?

Many parties may be responsible for injuries caused in a busing accident. it is therefore important to identify all potential responsible parties. Private Bus Company: A private company that operates a charter bus, tour bus or long distance bus service may be liable for a collision caused by poorly trained or supervised drivers or inadequate maintenance of a bus. Public Entities: Many busing entities are operated by public entities like or a school district. Depending on the specifics of the case, a bus accident victim may be able to pursue a claim against a public entity for injuries caused by negligent operation


Who Is Usually Responsible for a Busing Accident?

Bus Driver: If a bus driver operates a bus under the influence of alcohol, violates traffic laws or engages in other unsafe driving practices, the bus driver may be liable for injuries caused by the driver's unsafe driving practices. However, the driver's employer will typically have more resources from which to pay for a bus accident victim's injuries and other damages. Other Drivers: A busing accident often is caused by the driver of another vehicle. If another driver causes the accident, including driving under the influence of alcohol, driving while distracted or otherwise engaging in negligent driver practices, the other driver may be liable for your injuries.

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