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Bill Powers with Mark Daisley: North Carolina DWI Trends

Posted by attorney F. Powers

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Bill: Hi, I'm Bill Powers and I'm the managing partner of Powers McCartan and I'm joined with Mark Daisley of Daisley Law. Well, we're here to talk to you about our personal injury cases or wreck cases in the North Carolina region. We do occasionally see things outside of North Carolina but the vast amount of our praxis is focused in North Carolina. It is summer time and during the summer time we tend to see more wrecks related to weather. You may see some wrecks during the winter with snow, but we see a lot of rain wrecks and I see more DWI wrecks. Mark, what do you see trending with the accidents?

Mike: Well obviously with daylight saving time, people are having more fun and when they have more fun they tend to have more beer, they party some more and they make some bad decisions about getting behind the wheel. And when that happens, bad things often will take place. And as you know from the expertise that you have in handling DWI cases from a criminal stand point, there is special knowledge involved in how much the person had had, how long they had been maybe without drinking anything, was there stuff still in their system, these are the sort ofthings, sort of the issues that people need to look into if in fact they've been harmed by a drunk driver. There are other issues too, particularly I see this a lot when drivers don't have any insurance, drunk drivers don't have any insurance or not enough insurance. Were there other parties involved? Did they buy their beer under age from a convenient store that didn't check their ID. Did some bar serve them, knowing that they were drunk, giving them say one more for the road? In those sorts of situations, it's very important to talk with an attorney who's experienced in handling these types of claims before releasing or settling with any insurance company.

Bill: Yeah.

Mike: So these are the sorts of things that I think you want to look at in the summer time or actually any time. We do happen to see it more during the summer. I guess your calls go up more for people who are accused.

Bill: Right. Unfortunately, driving while impaired works part of the parcel with accidents related driving while impaired. And there are certain seasons, summer time, football season, holidays and then there's a lull when it becomes winter, normally. Well, if you or someone you care about has been injured due to the negligence of another, specifically driving while impaired accidents. And I don't call them accidents, they're intentional wrecks. Please give us a ring. The consultation is free as well as confidential and we'll let you know if we can help you out.

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