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Bill Powers on License Suspension After Representing Yourself

Posted by attorney F. Powers

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Hi, I'm Bill Powers and we get calls from people regarding the ticket they handled by themselves in court and then a letter they may have received from the Division of Motor Vehicles advising them that their license has been revoked or suspended. Under Chapter 20, Section 16, Subsection 11, what that says is, if you've been sentenced by a court of record, and all or part of the sentence has been suspended as a condition of the suspension of sentence, that the operator not, I guess, drive a motor vehicle for a period of time. DMV's going to honor that, so if the court says, instead of going to jail you just can't drive, that notice gets sent to the North Carolina Department of Transportation, Division of Motor Vehicles, and then they send you a letter saying that, in addition to the court, we're suspending your license administratively. It's complicated, and as you might guess, it has dire consequences if you need to get to work or school or take your kids different places. Please, give us a call. The consultation at Powers/McCartan is always free as well as confidential.

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