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Bill Powers & Will Cathcart Discuss Costs of Jury Trials

Posted by attorney F. Powers

Bill: Hi, I'm Bill Powers and I'm joined with Will Cathcart and we are in segment number four of the quick legal guides pertaining to superior court jury trials. We talked a little bit about selection of a jury and the different things we're looking for. Well, let's talk a little bit about the cost because jury trials tend to be a little bit more expensive, right? How do you weigh what we're going to charge somebody when we take that case in? Will: One of the things that we always have to evaluate is how long that trial might take, because the longer it takes, the more of our time is involved and we can't do anything else while we're in that trial. Bill: We charge a flat rate and for as long as I've been practicing, the private practice, I can't think of a single criminal case we've ever charged hourly. So we have to estimate the amount of time. We also take into consideration the type of case, obviously, the number of witnesses that are I guess available both for the state and the defense, as well as the need for experts and things in motion of that nature. So are those the factors you look at? Is there anything else? Do you charge more if you think it's just going to be a motion versus a full blown jury trial? Will: Motions would be less expensive just because they don't take quite as long, you don't have to go through the jury selection process. Also, if it's a much more complicated case or if the consequences are that much higher, if it's a more serious case, then yes, the cost is going to go up a little bit. Bill: So you might understand the case for say your charged with a DWI that ended in fatality, you got a second degree murder or involuntary manslaughter, that case could last a week or more, it could last a month, whereas if you have an armed robbery case and you got one witness, even though it's very serious and you're looking at a substantial amount of time in prison, you can get done with that in a day or two. Either way, if someone you care about is charged with either a felony or even a misdemeanor, a misdemeanor appeal in North Carolina, and you're getting a feeling they may need a jury trial, please give us a ring. This is what we enjoy doing. In fact I like doing jury trials more than just about anything. What about you? Will: Oh they're blast. Bill: Yeah, they are. Give us a call, we're here to help.

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