How will profits/debts be distributed? Who keeps track of the books and how? How are performance fees and royalties distributed?


Business Decisions

How will decisions be made? Who will make the decisions? How will disputes be resolved? What type of legal structure will the band have? What are the tax liabilities for band members?


Band Name

Who owns rights in the band name or logo? Should the name or logo be trademarked? What happens if the band breaks up? What if a member quits? What happens to the name?


Band Property

How will the band purchase equipment? How will it be stored and transported? Is there a need for insurance?


Creative Decisions

Who owns the songs? Who decides which songs to perform or record? How is songwriting credit determined and given? Who owns the master of the recordings?



Who decides which shows to play?


Band Members

How are new members added or existing members expelled?



A simple Band Partnership Agreement can be written by one of the members of the group and signed by all members. You can sometimes find free templates in books and online. If you find these forms do not fit your needs or you have questions, you should contact an attorney familiar with entertainment law matters.