How to Pass the California DMV's Written Test

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Study the DMV's California Driver Handbook

Study the current DMV's California Drivers Handbook-especially the parts discussing NUMBERS such as the maximum speed limits: 15MPH in alleys and uncontrolled railroad crossings; 25MPH in residential, school or business districts, unless otherwise posted.


Read and Answer Each and Every Question One Time Only

Do READ and answer EACH and every QUESTION one time only. If you mark two answers as "correct" you will not get credit for either answer. If you fail to answer a question, that will count against you just the same as if you marked a wrong answer. So answer the questions.


Finish the Test, but Don't Rush It

Do finish the written examination in a reasonable amount of time. This is an easy test, because there are only three possible answers for each question. But it is also a difficult test because you must miss no more than three questions out of 18; or six out of 36. Beware crosswalk vs. sidewalk. Pick the best answer from the three provided on your test sheet. This is a "multiple choice" exam-not a "fill-in-the-blank" test. Don't fight it. If you are not sure which the correct answer is, try to eliminate the two answers that appear to be the most unlikely candidates for right answers. If you get frustrated, tell yourself: "This is fun! I like it!"

Additional Resources

Get a copy of the California DMV's Driver Handbook free at your local DMV field office or find the link to "LARGE PRINT DMV HANDBOOK" at the contents menu on my website at


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